Walking away from the fitness industry (get personal training clients fast)

It doesn’t always go to plan with every single personal trainer that goes through the 30 Day Client Accelerator Programme but read through to find out how Steven persevered and succeeded on getting personal training clients, which erased all his personal doubts

Just like I’m sure some of your clients fall short of the expectations sometimes.

Steven won’t mind me saying this

But he had hit an all time low in his business

He had reached breaking point

And it was clear that he wanted out when I received this text just a few weeks ago..

Steve almost gave up on getting personal training clients

My first reaction was “we’ve let him down”

Seconds later this feeling passed and I snapped back into solution mode.

I wasn’t going to let one of our clients quit


Not with our programme.

So I came up with a customised strategy.
One that would work for anyone who struggled to make the smallest of interactions with gym members

(speaking to gym members is the number one way in getting new personal training clients after all)

We rolled out a FREE four week challenge and enrolled four people.

-1 x week PT session
-Training programme
-Nutrition programme
-Weekly check in call
-24/7 support

The idea behind this strategy was to get Steven building relationships that could get personal training clients fast

Without any need for hard selling or a cold approach.

This FREE four week challenge is not something we teach or encourage in the training programme

But we had to introduce something that Steven was comfortable enough to implement.

After combining the challenge with what he had learned in the Client Accelerator Programme

Suddenly we had a breakthrough

A short time after applying Alex's personalized strategy, Steve immediately started getting success and personal training clients

In a short space of time we were able to turn around the whole business

Adding three extra clients which would have seemed unbelievable at the time

But we did it.

With perseverance, brainstorming and a winners mentality

We can show you how to overcome the biggest challenges in your business RIGHT NOW.

Show you how to convert personal training clients / leads into loyal paying clients, ethically and without coming off ‘salesy’

Equip you with the most powerful lead generating strategies that are free to use for your entire career.

Support you in structuring your business with systems and processes that give you back more time to win more personal training clients or enjoy a better social life.


Where we can hop on a call, discuss how it all works and see if we are a good fit.