Best Online Marketing for Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers ask me this all the time…

“What’s the best way to market myself online” or “How can I generate more coaching clients using social media,”

So I’d thought I’d share some strategies that we have used to build our entire business through Facebook & Instagram.

Now depending on where you are at with your coaching business, E.g You have money, but no time or you have time but no money – there are two routes that you could go down:

Paid marketing or organic posting (free)…we do both (but now less organic).

It’s always best to start with organic (we did) to test what works and refine your marketing message. Think about what your audience want to see, hear or learn and pick a platform or two and start posting.

Unless you have an eye watering audience (we don’t), you will need to be consistent. Social media algorithms want to see consistency, but so do your audience.

Look at James Smith, Grenadejay or anyone who has built a massive audience (clients base). They show up everyday and push out a tonne of content and mainly video based content like Facebook, Instagram Live and Stories.

Why?…..Because it holds attention and builds trust quicker than a static post or long caption.

When it comes to content creation, opt for video as much as possible. We record all our testimonials as video, post them organically, then run them as paid adverts later on to capture more attention, leads and clients.

Here are the key points I want to make about posting organically:

  • Always choose video (Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, Stories or video posts on the feed)
  • Use a strong call to action (CTA) e.g “DM me to lose 5kg in the next 30 days”
  • Provide value, entertainment or polarizing views
  • Be consistent with your posting schedule
  • Used video testimonials where possible (most powerful marketing tool on planet earth)
  • Build trust by speaking directly into the camera, being authentic and sticking to your core message  

Look out for my next Blog post on paid marketing strategies and how to maximise your chances of success!

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