Ep 05 | Tori Gaynor (Posting on social media)

Ep 05 | Tori Gaynor (Posting on social media)

Have you thought about building a tribe on social media? Or even contemplated starting a YouTube channel around your passion for fitness?

Tori Gaynor shares her journey and gives us an insight into growing her Instagram to 10k followers. 

We also talk about growing a healthy offline client base and her plans to scale her online training business.

Tori Gaynor: www.instagram.com/torigaynorfitness/

More details can be found at:

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fkm0isR_bc

Transcription Notes:

(00:00) It’s an industry that I generally love. I have a passion for I. I eat sleep. I live for fitness. No, you need to be obsessed. We need to wake up. Think about it. We need to go to bed. Think about your clients. Think about your progress. Think about what you can do better, genuinely like. Just be like patient and take the time like that. that like you’ve got to take it own it in the right steps. You’ve got to know what you do in person before you go in like I don’t like to talk about fear. The fear is is usually something that makes your worries real.

(00:34) You are listening to the coaching ignited show where we bring you stories and insights from coaches, fitness professionals and industry experts to help you expand your business and reach your goals. If you’re a new listener. Thanks for joining us. My name is Alex Povey. You can subscribe to the podcast on all your favorite apps including Spotify and iTunes. The coaching dated movement is on a mission to help coaches and personal trainers increase ourselves and reach their full potential. If you wanted to find out more, please head over to coaching ignited.com and if you want it to connect with us on social media, all the details can be found in the show notes. Now let’s get into today’s show. This is episode five on the podcast

(01:17) and today we’ve actually got her first female gas, which I’m super excited about. We’ve got, Tori Gainor she’s a personal trainer at synergy fitness and barking side down in London. She’s felt a loyal 10 k following on Instagram and she’s just started blogging, blogging as well, which, which I’m excited to talk about. So thank you so much for joining me here on the, on the podcast story. Really appreciate it.

(01:40) Oh good. My pleasure.

(01:42) So let’s kick things off. Let’s go back to the start. Like what, what made you decide to, to become a personal trainer? That’s why I like to ask everyone first of all.

(01:51) Okay. Um, well I found my confidence in fitness and weight lifting myself and going through some pretty hard times in my life. I like the, yeah, file my, my own confidence through that. And then as that grew and grew and grew, I was like, I want to do this full time. I want to help other women. So the way I fell and I went to empower other people the way like you know what fitness has done for me, I kind of want to give back by giving that to as many women as I can.

(02:23) Awesome. Have you picked a niche off the back of that? Any of you started to focus on a particular group of people that, that you’re trying to help?

(02:33) Yeah, I mean I, I kind of went into it sort of being a bit open with who I was going to take on. Um, I did take on a few guys at some point, but now I’m, I’m super now down on sort of like 20 to 30 year old women that want to tone up, drop a bit of body fat, get body confident, um, look good in a bikini kind of you, your average go. That feels like she’s got an average body. I want to take care to the next level where she feels sexy and confident and empowered. Yeah. So much. So I’d say yeah, like around um, yeah, 20 to 30 year old women.

(03:14) So did it start off a bit differently for you when you first started? Were you just taking on anybody and then it just changed over time? Like how did it play out?

(03:23) Yeah, I mean, I always knew that when I left my old job, I was doing hairdressing before and I always knew that I was doing this job because I love fitness and I always said I wouldn’t do any clients I didn’t enjoy doing. And I kind of stood by that even when I wasn’t sure about money. As I know I’m not gonna do clients that I don’t enjoy training, whether that’s personality clash or you know, are, um, what they want to achieve is just not something that I feel that I would specialize in it. Um, so would, would sort of turn away clients if I didn’t feel that they, right. Yeah. Um, because I wanted, you know, this to be, I wanted it to work. So if I’m happy and they’re happy, then it, and it will work. If we, if we’re not getting on or clicking, they don’t kind of knew that it wasn’t going to be a relationship we can build with, um, by the start, I would say. Yeah, I did take on looking back, I did, I did take on a few people that I sort of did enjoy doing and as time went on and I realized, Nah, this isn’t for me, I would just only sort of What because my way away from those clients. And I’m really focused on nailing my social media towards that specifically like, you know, at women and not men and, um, women with average bodies and not just just people that I really wanted to work with.

(34:47) Yeah, it makes sense. The question I’m interested, like when you’ve got a client that you, yeah, that you’re training and you’re thinking they’re not really a good fit, like is there a process, is there like a way to kind of get out of the situation in a, in a, in a nice way? How’d you approach that?

(05:06) That’s such a good question. Um, well, so I guess with some of them are slowly fizzled out. Um, I guess, I guess that’s a tough one. I don’t, don’t really have a particular process. I guess I’m quite an up front. And so in the past I’ve said to someone that I just don’t think this is going to work and I, I can refer you to another trainer that I feel would fit you better and would specialize in what you need a lot better. And then, and then at that point I would kind of either past that person’s number on or wouldn’t hear from them again. But yeah, I would Odom sort of tell them that I just don’t think is it’s gonna work and I wished him the best and yeah. And hopefully they’ll find someone else that’s more suited them.

(05:58) Okay. Yeah. Okay, cool. So let’s, let’s talk about your client base and stuff. Cause you, you’ve got a healthy client base now, um, and then you started back in January, is that right? So

(06:10) yeah, I started personal training at the beginning of the year.

(06:13) So, so how did you go about sort of growing in that client base so quickly? Because you’ve got a really healthy business right now and it seems to be ticking over really well. Well how did that grow so quickly? What’d you do on a day to day basis?

(06:27) So I kind of always, I always made myself known in the gym. So like literally when I walked into the gym, I’m on know like pretty much I’d say 70 to 80% of the people at the gym is quite small gym. So it’s quite family orientated. So I always made myself known. So, uh, um, where my gym’s quiet men, men orientated. It’s quite a weightlifting. Yeah. Jim, I’ve, I think it, I, they all kind of knew me. Then I’d get referrals for their girlfriends or their wives. Um, if they knew me and thought I was good at what I do and they’re not on a daily basis, I was really, really working on my social media. Um, I’d say I’ve got a decent amount of clients from social media. Um, and yeah, I would just kind of made sure I was putting out valuable posts to those people every day.

(07:19) So like things, tips for fat loss, um, toning up five steps to dropping five pounds or things like that that would talk to the people that I want to train. Um, what else? What I do? Um, I kind of really, really worked on nailing, nailing the client journey. That was one thing. I feel like I’ve done different needs. There are the trainers I know of. I really wanted to make my clients feel like they’re on a journey. So we’d always take pictures, measurements, I keep them up to date with those. Um, and then we obviously with the pictures we would, I would then get a before and after photo, which I would as then posting on my social media of all my clients. So I suppose the more results you get, then the more proof you have that you’ll get at what you do. Um, and then that sounds, you know, nothing.

(08:11) You can blank your way. You know what a good trainer you are. But I think until you’ve got a solid portfolio of results and real life people that actually believe in what you do and you have genuine, you really helped them and can share that, then that kind of got me loads of referrals. I never really never really advertise or, or give deals. I kind of let my work speak for itself and that my clients speak for themselves and refer me to their friends and family. You know, I think if you really know someone’s results and really genuinely change someone’s life, then they believe in you and they will talk about you to everyone and their friends and you know, people say, you look so good. How did you get into that shape? And, and then what am I ask just gets round. And I think that’s, um, that’s, uh, to me that’s, that’s the way I’ve already got my clients through word of mouth. Right.

(09:03) Got Ya. And then like with these like testimonials and case studies that you have, did you actually present in like within your, your consultations or your tasters or did you just put them on there on your social media and people found them and came to you? Like what, what’s your process?

(09:19) I, I’m in the process of putting them online website and getting that up and running. But obviously in the beginning I don’t have all these things set in place and where I kind of jumped into this, I kind of, I’m learning as I go, I’m constantly learning every day. So I never, it was all kind of yeah, do it as a, as I go. So I didn’t really have a portfolio at present. It’s demo. I would just refer them to my social media and say check out my page. They’re all on there, my client stories and then they can really go on there. And I always tell people what’s going on there cause I’m like, you can get to know me on there. So we sit in here for five minutes and I can sell you the dream. But if you go on my page and you’re like, I really liked this girl, this guy uh, values?

(10:04) I like, um, you know, she can, she can do what she says she can do. You know, this is one of our clients. I can really relate to it. Right. And then they can sort of have an insight into my world without me sitting there and explaining everything. It kind of allows them to go, you know, to sit at home and look through it as long as they like. So yeah. And I don’t really have a hard copy of my portfolios. I would always just refer them to my page and then obviously as Instagram got the highlights page and then created a highlights with all my transformations on it. So now we can just say, look, you can just click on there and see the pictures or you can go do the patient read the stories.

(10:44) So you direct everyone and that you meet face to face in the gym to your social media. Is that how you felt like irrelevant demographic on that?

(10:53) Yeah. Yeah. What do you mean? The amount of people that are from my area.

(11:00) Yeah, that fall on you because obviously you need to post to people that are potentially going to be clients. Right. And they must kind of be in that gym or close by. So how have you built like people that are close by, he’s lit. You just said everyone that you meet go to my social media checkout and bill a following that way. Like how have you developed it?

(11:18) Um, I I guess like most like 90% of my followers are from London actually, which is quite good. But I suppose that’s the last way I feel like I told I may be taking the locations is a good one. Um, hiking the gym as in the location for the gym. Sometimes taking the area when I’m in London or tag that, um, I’m not entirely sure. I suppose, I suppose when I do tell people about my social media, then they tell their other friends. Um, but yeah, surely not 10,000 people could be for sure.

(12:01) Yeah. So how long did it take you to build that account? Because that’s a pretty good following. You’ve got great engagement. Um, how long did it take you to build it? And like was there a process behind it? Was it quite sporadic when he first style, did you get more strategic with it and then start posting value? Like how, how has it developed and how did it grow?

(12:22) Um, so I originally, when I was younger, when I that 15, I’ll have like a really crazy quirky style. Um, and I used to post all of that. Um, and that got me quite a big fall in that. Well that got me my first 5,000. Hmm. Um, well I did actually have a lot more than that, but then that kind of dropped as I stopped being that person that they were following, if that makes sense. So I did.

(12:47) Right. Yeah. So they left just because it wasn’t consistent anymore.

(12:51) Yeah. So I kind of just dropped that, um, as I grew out of this style, so it was in my first 5,000 where, you know, we’re the same kind of market I suppose because I had this quirky style. I’m sure that’s like a page that young girls would follow. So I feel like, you know, that’s where that come from. But then obviously as I change my page to fitness, you know, over the years, those people sort of become a bit irrelevant because they like the follow new for fashion page. But you’re not, you, you didn’t say completely different. So the other sort of 5,000 people that I’ve built up since then genuinely is just being consistent with your posts. Like I remember watching, um, jade k one of my inspirations on Youtube and she was saying, you know, you social media is like your second job.

(13:38) And it’s so true. Like I put as much love and effort and thought into my social media than I do in every other aspect of my life. And I think to not have people going through the process, people are like your obsessive or you know, to stop posting. It’s, it really is 50% of my business, you know, is thinking how can I add value to people’s lives and then be consistent every single day. And I did a post every single day with a long caption, you know, given some form of value webinars. Um, fat loss tips, whether that’s workout tips, um, whether that’s a little bit about my background in my life or a workout video idea or, you know, it was, um, it’s just being consistent and using maybe using hashtags, um, and location and things like that. And also constantly saying active. So Liking and commenting on other people’s posts. The I like that is fine.

(14:38) Being social, being social.

(14:41) Yeah. If you go, the more you’re on there, the more people will see your name and be like, Oh, here’s this. [inaudible] and then of course, if your, your content speaks to them, they’ll click follow.

(14:54) Yeah. And do these people and reach out to you Dm you or do you put offers up or do you DM people? Like how’d you generate the business? Is it inward or, or sort of, is it outreach? Do you, do you proactively go and find it?

(15:09) Um, no, people will, people will message me and then I, then I will then talk them through like, um, well I do see, I don’t, I don’t have anything cause reached out. I wouldn’t message anyone directly and say, do you need my help, I kind of, I kind of just trusted myself and trusted the process and tried not to stress about clients. So I really just tried to try it out as much value and then I, I just believe that it would just come to me if I just relax and give out the right vibes.

(15:42) Got Ya. So you, you mentioned that you get inspiration from, is it Jake Katie?

(15:48) Yeah, she was one of my fast like Insta Gal that I followed and I started like getting into fitness.

(15:54) Oh, awesome. Like what, what’d you find inspirational about her in her profile and stuff and what’d you like and have you taken anything from her profile and try to adopt those same side of things in your profiles?

(16:06) Well, she, when she first got into the Industry where I really want to compete, she’s a WBFF pro so. I just really aspire to be like her and I loved, I loved her physique and, and just took a lot of value from her page in terms of tips and things. Um, but not, I suppose she put a video up about uh, like a youtube video about leaving your job and I’m becoming an insolent cybernetics and tips tips on that for my social media I suppose. Yeah. I don’t know. I think, I think more just about talking to your, to your ideal client. That’s one thing that I just really focus on doing to always talk into that. That person,

(16:55) yeah, have no, Instagram is very detailed. It’s very like to the point it’s like exactly your demographic, who you help and so you’re basically trying to cut through the noise and a niche down basically. So you can speak to a particular audience.

(17:10) Exactly. Right. I always do like a little question. I’ll be like, you know, something that it’s something that we’ll talk to, to pass and say the other day I posted one this, I just put confidence, hit rock bottom question mark. And then that would talk to someone that is low in confidence, which you know, anyone that comes to personal trainers, most likely low inconfidence, you know what I mean? So in their body anyway, so, so that therefore that speaks to someone and they’re like, oh, okay, what’s, what’s she got to say about that? That could help me? And it’s just about being consistent with those posts in and uh, yeah, sorry, I’m blabbing then I go off on my, no, it makes perfect

(17:50) sense. You’re hitting those emotional points, which is what it’s about, isn’t it? Because you’re trying to get through to people, you’re trying to get them to hear your message and so you kind of need to, um, pull out the right messages in order to get that engagement to blend. If it’s not polarizing enough, you’ve just got to get the attention. Like I do it at the same as my ads. They’re very like one sided or they’re very light. Ooh. Can’t currently say that. But if you do that, people actually know it sat and it cuts through the noise. Right?

(18:18) Yeah. Yeah, certainly. And I think, um, I’ve lost my shovel. I going to say

(18:29) it’s okay. It’s okay. We’ll come back to that. But let’s talk about some of the projects that you’ve got going on. Um, I know you’ve got the youtube, I know you, you’re looking at online personal training. So to me about why you’re excited about going forward.

(18:43) Okay. So moving forward, um, I started an online coaching business. I’ve like started talking about that a bit more on my page. Um, just so that obviously where I’ve got quite a big following and I can’t really take, I don’t really want to take too many more people on in the gym. I want to kind of take my business a bit more online and that’s where I feel that everything is moving. So yeah, I’m doing online coaching and that will be sort of like personal training just without seeing me one to one face to face. That’s mean, and you can be anywhere in the UK and I can coach you through Skype and I’m also going to be doing a fat loss guide that will hopefully can like ready by the end of year. I’m ready, said January, um, which will be like our sell on my website.

(19:33) Um, and yeah, that’s another thing I’m getting my website up and running. So hopefully again, I’m going to, my goal is to just get everything done by the new year. I would go into the new year with a whole like next level to my business and my brand. Um, and then also I’ve got a photo shoot coming up next week, which will be my photos for my website. So yeah. So it’s, it’s all exciting. Um, the, I’ve kind of set myself a good few months to, to really just get it all done behind closed doors and then, you know, get up and running for Jen.

(20:10) I mean like last dream for a second. What was the light ideal planned because you’ve got like these offline clients, right? Yeah. You’re pretty busy. You don’t really want to take on any more clients. Is is the plan to just shift more into online and spend more of your time and resources building the online programs or is it still maintain the offline, but then just layer in a little bit of online? What, what was the goal?

(20:37) I think ideally I’d like to talk for my evenings at the gym and do more online stuff. Um, and just do morning clients. I think that is, that is a goal is to do, yeah. To do, to do more online and be able to be more mobile. Um, yeah, I think that’s definitely where I want to want to take it. I kind of, I do love training people at the gym so I wouldn’t want to, that’s not like something I’d want to ever get rid of entirely. Um, but I think it’s just a case of being able to spend more time doing other things and spending time with people I love and get more me time and do more sort of stuff whenever and wherever I want it kind of thing. And then expand on my cell phone. Yeah.

(21:24) I mean, do you think it’s important? Uh, it’d be great to get your views on this about

(21:30) okay.

(21:30) Going into the industry and then building your offline client base before trying to go online because online super competitive, right? And if you don’t have a stories already, case studies, you don’t have any results is going to be very, very tough to get any clients. Right. And so what’s your views on building that offline? Clients base first.

(21:50) Genuinely like just be patient and take your time like that. That is like you’ve got to take it all own it in the right steps. You’ve got a now what you do in person before you go online, because the May, like when when you start off you don’t even know. You don’t even know if you’re good until you get results. You’re like, you see you’re kind of winging it and that’s why I was doing anyway. When I started I was just like, I’m doing everything I think will work and you never really know who’s going to work with someone until you’re like, shit, I’ve got really good results. The measurements have gone down to know what I mean? You never really know you’re good until you get results that like that was a bottom line. You couldn’t know everything. But if you can’t get a result for a person then, then you’re no good as a trainer did.

(22:34) I mean, so I think getting, getting confident and knowing I’m actually decent or what I do I can take this online and I can trust that my advice, I give someone, there’ll be able to do that without me there in, in person. Um, is it is an important thing and I think like, yeah, without, I think nailing your, your client base at home, we’ll give you that self confidence and will take away that doubt that you can do it online. And also we’ll give you some pictures to put some, some before and afters. So now when I’m promoting my online coaching, I’m using my photos from my in house training. So I’ll post it before and after picture with saying, you know, I’m taking, you know, what I’ve done to this client, you know, you can achieve these even though you have never seen me face to face. So it kind of gives someone that proof that you do know what you’re talking about. Um, so yeah, definitely

(23:31) building the trust and the credibility.

(23:34) Yeah. And um, yeah, definitely. I think you just take it, take his time, don’t, don’t rush everything. You know, you can’t, you can’t do everything in a day. You need to now what you’ve got on the ground and then be like, actually not, I’ve got enough. I can, now’s the time. It’s the right time.

(23:51) Take it online. Yeah. Awesome. So let’s, let’s talk about your Youtube, cause you’ve got a youtube channel and use a start blogging. Like what was this thought process going into that and why did you want to start doing it?

(24:07) Um, I always wanted to do it. Login. I love, I love Youtube and I love watching other people’s lives and I love hearing what other people have to say about fitness and lifestyle and how, how they’re eating. And I always took so much value from youtube. Like when I was in my old job, I would sit on my lunch break and watch youtube video after Youtube pds or how Allah, like I literally was obsess. Um, and I just kind of knew that I wanted to do that as well. Um, but again, there was an, it never felt like the right time. Um, so I got my camera, I just, I took it in steps. I bought myself a really good camera and that was my first investment. I spent three on Japan on that and then I kind of didn’t use it for ages and I was just a bit too anxious to start because I didn’t feel that it was about time.

(24:57) Um, and then I got my laptop and then I kind of taking, taking my time with it and let everything slow. Um, and the way it should do. And I sort of decided once I get busy enough at work, you know, I’ve got a good amount of money coming in, I can sort of take a day off like on Mondays and today’s Monday I will spend the day doing things, you know, formal for my, for my job that isn’t training clients. And I thought like on Mondays I’m going to edit the videos and get youtube videos up for people. And now the time now with the ability to take Mondays off, I can do these things now. Whereas before you kind of take clients as I’m, when you can do and then you get sort of you, oh, your days get taken up with a few clients. Does that make sense? Yeah, that makes sense.

(25:54) Yeah. Makes total sense. Do you feel a bit nervous when exposing yourself that much though? Because blogging is very, you can edit it, right? But it’s still you, like you’re really exposing yourself and it can sometimes feel a bit like, Ooh, what people are gonna Think? Are they going to judge me? Like what was your thought process going into it and in doing those bugs?

(26:19) Well, what do you mean? What was my thought process like?

(26:23) Yeah. Did you have those concerns? Were you thinking, hmm, should I do this? Should I not? Did you put it off? Because like a lot of people who are going to thinking, I can’t do that. Like what people are gonna think about me. But like what was your thought process? And you were like, fuck it, I’m going to do it.

(26:38) Oh, always. I always knew that I was relatable and always, always knew that I have some irony. No, I have so much to say and share and I, I know I can help and inspire people. So I need, I want to reach as many people as I can. And I, I obviously I did think, what are People gonna think of me? Um, you know, our people locally that I know or like, you know, like family, friends and people that know, you don’t know if you know what I mean? What are they going to think? Am I really exposing myself to, I dunno. I think there’s something a lot and it’s not too scary to expose yourself to people you’ve never met and maybe we’ll never meet. I think it’s more, the fear for me was the people that know me. Like I don’t know, my mom’s friends that you know, or people that know me from the gym.

(27:27) I know knowing gritty, deep stuff about me that I want to share with everyone, but wouldn’t necessarily want people knowing that I’ll get to see me, if that makes sense. So you really expose yourself and all your insecurities and things like that. And to be relatable when you have to expose yourself to be relatable and to be different. But I think it’s the fear of being judged by people that do know you. And I kind of just like fuck it. Like, um, I wanna, I wanna grow and I think this is the next step for me and it will make me really happy doing, I’d been able to do more of it. So being able to sort of slowly build a following on Youtube, um, and then therefore taking it, taking a route, sort of salvage on the blogging side of things is something I always wanted to do.

(28:17) So I can’t hold myself back, like called go for it. And they may and if it works out amazing. And if it doesn’t, then at least I can say, you know what, I already did try and I made really good vlogs and, but it didn’t really work out. But you know, rather than sort of always wishing that I could do these rockers stay and watch another gallons a minute. Oh, I could so make a video like this and then never do it. So I just, I thought if they can start off with zero following ain’t get millions of followers, then I can do exactly the same. Like they, they didn’t, they didn’t get a gift. They, they worked on it and they also started with zero followers. So

(29:00) I love that mindset. There’s a lot of people look around and they go, well, this person’s crushing as persons crushed this person’s crushed net. There’s nothing left.

(29:09) Like, yeah,

(29:13) yeah. If other people are crushing, it means that you can actually crush it as well. Yeah. It’s loads of other people making loads of money. It means you can have loads of the people are healthy. It means you can be healthy. Like someone else can do something, why can’t you do it? Right? Obviously there’s going to be limitations, locks, connections, uh, all those sorts of things. Right. But generally speaking, you’ve just got just as much chance as anyone else is doing it. And I love them. I absolutely love it. So we’re just going to draw things to an end is now, and I know you’ve got other things you need to crack home with today, but is there any sort of final words that you want to get to the lesson is, or even just any advice to like personal trainers coming in the industry. They’re not really sure what to do or build a client base. Just, just anything that that would help anyone in the fitness industry.

(30:03) I would say just be really, really approachable and friendly in the gym. Say hello to people and when you see him in the gym, um, get to know people’s names and then, you know, the next time you meet them, greet them in the name. Just just make yourself really approachable on social media as well. And an in person just really opened yourself up. Cause I think especially if you’ve got, got a lot of guy listeners, I know being a woman, I think you can be a little bit more approachable to women, um, or to to people in some respects. I think men can be a little bit intimidating and if he’s got a really amazing physique you are really big. And I think a lot of the time guys guys will post on their social media page, you know, just pictures of them topless and looking at it bit intimidated. I would say maybe 10. That’s the intimidating stuff kind of down and just make yourself really nice, you know, nice and friendly to people because I think, yeah, I think, I think, yeah, I think just make yourself a lot more approachable and breathes, furnish it can be, um, and then people will just resignate towards you. Quite awesome clien

(31:15) Awesome. Thank you so much too. I really appreciate it. You’re welcome. We’re going to put some links in the description, so your social media, your website and stuff, but if people want it to find you, where can they find you?

(31:28) I’m on Instagram. I’m Tori Gainor. @ToriGainorfitness. So yeah, I think you can just talk into a gain and it will actually come up. Okay,

(31:37) cool. Well we’ll derive direct everyone there. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day. You want to thank you so much for coming on the podcast. I’m super, super grateful. Um, and keep on doing what you’re doing and hope everything goes well.

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