Ep 03 | Zbigniew Grochowski (Setting up goals)

Ep 3: Zbigniew Grochowski setting up goals

In Ep.03 zee…reveals:

🎙 His personal training philosophies and he set up goals
🎙 Strategies that have helped him build a 45+ hour coaching week
🎙New projects, including a unique supplement product and online training programs 
🎙Recourses and advice for anyone looking to raise the bar and be a better trainer

Zee has been in the industry for many years and has built a very successful coaching business. He’s now working on other projects in the supplement sphere and branching out into online coaching to serve more people.

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Transcription Notes:

(00:00) It’s an industry that I generally love. I have a passion for I. I eat sleep. I live for fitness. No, you need to be obsessed. We need to wake up. Think about it. We need to go to bed. Think about your clients. Think about your progress. Think about what you can do better, genuinely like. Just be like patient and take the time like that. that like you’ve got to take it own it in the right steps. You’ve got to know what you do in person before you go in like I don’t like to talk about fear. The fear is is usually something that makes your worries real.

(00:34) You are listening to the coaching ignited show where we bring you stories and insights from coaches, fitness professionals and industry experts to help you expand your business and reach your goals. If you’re a new listener. Thanks for joining us. My name is Alex Povey. You can subscribe to the podcast on all your favorite apps including Spotify and iTunes. The coaching dated movement is on a mission to help coaches and personal trainers increased ourselves and reach their full potential. If you wanted to find out more, please head over to coaching ignited.com and if you wanted to connect with us on social media, all the details can be found in the show notes. Now let’s get into today’s show. So this is episode

(01:16) three of the coaching ignited podcast and today I’ve got Zee with me, which I’m super excited about because he’s very passionate and he’s got bags of energy and uh, he just rubs off on you and he’s a great guy. So thanks for joining me today, Zee. I really appreciate it now and a re

(01:34) no, thank you for having mr thank you for having me.

(01:37) So I just want you to maybe open by just introducing yourself and maybe just give people a bit of an idea of your backgrounds and how you got started in the industry as well.

(01:48) Okay. So hello everybody. My name is Zee. I’m a coach from the gym, a group currently based on the Dean’s gates and Manchester. Um, a bit of a, a bit, a bit about myself. So, um, I’ve been passionate about bodybuilding and fitness industry for about 20 old years. I only recently, I mean five years ago decided just to turn it into a, um, business personal and training business. So, um, I’ve been always involved in all sort of like a sport activities. I used to play football a little bit, then Basket Ball, I was doing some skating and um, it was always something going on in my life. My parents are in athletes too. My mother was a sprint and my dad was a discus thrower, so eh, there was always history of sports in my life and they’ve been life thing, big influences, including my brother in law who owned the gym. And he got me into bodybuilding at the first when I was about 14. I think. So, yeah, that’s pretty much all about me at the moment.

(02:52) So what areas do you specialize in then if you got like a particular niche or passion within the industry?

(02:58) Okay. Um,

(02:59) I would say that’s, um, muscle developments or overall aesthetics and conditioning. I’ve done a couple of shows. I, I’ve done the physique shows and muscle model shows for the few federations and, and it’s all about getting you in the very best shape of your life basically. So if you, if your goal is actually to step up the game and it really turned to, don’t adopt a little bit, I’m thinking I’m right guide to help you with it.

(03:25) And then, so I mean this podcast is all about business and more of the mechanics about how you go about your, Your Business and how you’ve set it up and some of the challenges you faced. Um, I know it’d be interesting to kind of go back to when you first started out in the industry and maybe talk about some of the challenges you’ve faced with getting started. If you did have any, just share those, uh, maybe some of the lessons you learned in the early days of personal training.

(03:51) Yeah, of course. So, um, you’ll see I started up while I was working in security, so that’s how I am. I was doing all my courses and um, that was a big, big time and challenging time for myself. I was working overnights and, and I decided to move on with my life and I decided to do something that I really love and I really, I’m really passionate about. And that’s where the personal training came from. And I had a great grade mentors and they’ve been really, really pushing me into doing it for some time because if you can bring results into your life, so if you, you, if you see the progress and then you can share that knowledge and that passion and that energy with other people, you start to change people’s lives for better and you directly responsible for improvements in their life. There’s nothing more rewarding. So, um, when they’re challenges I faced them are the first is probably the challenges everybody face. So how to from

(04:45) been working for someone else, not to work for all by yourself. So it becomes a self employed and you are entirely responsible for whole process of acquiring clients and then a whole process of the development and the whole process and system of training. Everything is a very individual and it’s very much down to you. So, um, I will say business strategies. It’s something that’s I, um, as soon as I started really focused on a muscle, like I have a business development side of the, of personal training, I started to see like my, uh, my uh, potential actually to be used for properly and we started as everybody, I suppose

(05:24) on the beginning of the journey, it’s never going to be easy and you’re always going to be having some sideways and there’s always going to be some step bucks is all about persistency, is all about all the seeking out the rights people, um, to advise you as well and then a right system to work, uh, uh, specifically for your type of training and the, your type of business. So I will, um, I will say you never stop learning and there’s so much more you can still get and still improve. And then obstacles always going to come across bugs as soon as it’s, this system makes sense. And as long as your system really works towards the goals of your clients and you mainly focus on improving people’s lives and helping people, uh, you should get a pretty, pretty good results.

(06:10) So let’s talk about growing your business and getting clients because that’s probably one of the biggest challenges that most people face when it comes to growing a personal training business. Right? So, um, maybe talk about some tips or some advice that you would give for personal trainers looking to grow, uh, um, uh, client base by, what would you say?

(06:31) I would say the open minded, be friendly and approachable. You see, I came from the like, um, security work. So, um, as, as insecurity and not really interact with that many people. You, you, you come across a a bit like too, too serious. Okay. So as soon as I arrived in a gym and I’ve realized that personal training is all about creating this one on one connection with the person who actually go into help. And my very big, uh, advice I could give to everyone that should be as friendly as possible just to get this very first initial contact with your potential clients and then be very specific as well on what you would like to get out of it and how you can help. Don’t try to work with something you’re not really sure of because that can be very, very quickly picked on.

(07:21) And then I’m sure the client who’s going to spot that, you know, the next word in your subjects is not going to be happy with like investing into your system. So, um, try to bring like a sustainable results as well and not just like a temporary one. So focus on the, on the, on the substance of the whole conditioning and try to come up with like a diet plan that’s actually going to last longer than a couple of months and they’re not going to be extremely too strict so that people can actually maintain it. It’s not what you can attain, it’s what you can sustain, I suppose. Um, the big, big advice I can give to every single person, I cannot stress enough about it. It’s about, um, how to plan your business. So you obviously need a business plan. So we need to speak to someone who can help you with that.

(08:03) Um, that should be very, very clear and it should really, really contain all the targets you’ve got weekly, monthly, yearly, whatever you want to get out of that business. You need to actually ask yourself what do you want and be really specific and just stick to your main goals. So if you know someone who can help you with it, um, I will say, um, seek out for advice and make sure you stick to your main main goals. Don’t get sidetracked, don’t get sidetracked where you actually haven’t 20 different tasks and you cannot really get one done properly. Um, in general, be prepared to succeed. If you’re not going to have preparation done before you actually go into business and the business will go it’s own roots and you wouldn’t have any sort of controls. So that, I will say that’s not sustainable and that doesn’t work. See Success on any angle.

(08:54) I just want to on a point that you

(08:56) just made then about like seeking, um, so advice from other people and um, I’d say it kind of takes some self awareness to do that and it’s maybe just talk about your experience of maybe seeking help if you have maybe used a mentor or a particular resource in your career and talk about the experience. Okay.

(09:16) Um, so you see, I, I educated myself all the time. So what I would do normally when they drive the car, I’ll listen to audio books and his many great also is out there who can help you, um, geniuses of business and the people who will help to, to grow enormous, uh, industries. And um, there is enormous amount of like a side was you could choose from and they can help you on every angle. I’m talking about self development books or books on sales or books on psychology, books on improving your own business in regards to training as well as many greats out title sounder, uh, when it comes to mentoring has been many people in my life who influenced me into going into dot sipo for business notes. Um, anything else. And um, one of them from very early days was the uh, Andre Voiding Ruszkowski. That’s the gentleman who’s the, oh no, the strength therapy in Manchester. And that’s the person who I’m really, really grateful to because he was originally the one who said the most important words that taught me into personal training business. He said it’s the rewarding to change yourself, it 10 times more rewarding to change someone else’s and help someone else. So many mentors that are many people I have to find too. And um, I’m grateful to. Um, like I said, this is one of the persons I will definitely have to say thank you too.

(10:38) Okay,

(10:39) well let’s talk about that for a second because you said something quite profound there about helping other people. Um, and I shared the same philosophy, but is there any other big takeaways that you’ve taken from mentors that are really just shaped your career and you as a person

(10:56) in general to be, to be, to be genuine, to be yourself, to be a friendly, to be open. You learn all the time. You know, every single time you step into the gym you’ve got the contact with the hundreds and hundreds of people and it’s down to you what type of contact that’s going to be. So be that person they would like to speak to. Um, be open minded to learn, be keen to learn and to listen. If you are a good listener that people are going to open up more to you so you can really, really pinpoint the right goals and write targets and you can really find out what they would like to get out of it. So that was, I would say it’s never ending journey of education and never ending journey of learning something, some new skills. And you have to ask yourself how hard do you want it and how much would you like to succeed? It’s not just about making small steps, stolen. Zero goal is about staying on that same path then and and being persistent and never giving up even when the got a little bit harder.

(11:55) Okay.

(11:55) So how do you sort of, um, deal with those situations where sometimes you don’t feel like getting to the gym or, I don’t know if you face that, but I know a lot of people do. It’s just not me. Right? In terms of like you must have a very good mindset then, right? To be able to go in each day or maybe there’s something else driving you, like what really gets just gets you up in the morning. Is it just the excitement of training people? Is it because you’ve just got so much going on? Like what really drives you? What motivates you? Is it,

(12:27) oh, that’s nice. You mentioned mindset because that’s crucial. You know what you will decide to do in the first place. That’s where the action is follows. So I would say, ask yourself, how do you want it? Then ask yourself, are you, is it actually something you genuinely like to do in your life? And that makes you happy and makes you excited and driven. It should be the situation where

(12:51) nine out of 10 you are happy to do so. Yes. So nine out of 10 is a big number and there is no lack of motivation. Alex, you need to know one thing. Motivation comes from actions. You kind of say to yourself, Oh, I’m going to be show energetic today and exciting and everything. It’s, it happens almost automatically if you see results. If you don’t see results, you can recondition yourself into it. So you can say, I can be the best version of me, I can try hard to do this and do that. But at the same time you have to be focus on your goals and your priorities and what keeps you go in. And if that’s it, your main thing at that day you shouldn’t be lucky enough. Motivation.

(13:38) So are you saying um, like the gold sang thing that, let’s talk about that because I’m a big advocate of goal setting, planning, setting targets and just ready like mapping out where I want to go. And particularly with my clients. I’ll do the same thing for those. And I’m sure you do it within your personal training business, but let’s talk about you and your goals. Like what’s your process of, of setting your goals and how would you go about writing them or putting them on paper or creating them? What, what’s your process?

(14:08) You see how I’ve got to like a big, big mind map. So my process of setting goals, it’s quite simple. So I’ve got a big goals which are longterm goals and I’ve got a small goals which are may be like a weekly or monthly goals. Plus I’ve got a daily goals. So when I get up in the morning festering, I do, and this is very, very simple process. I grabbed my phone all ideally I grabbed the pen and paper and I started writing down the actions I’m going to be taken that day. And uh, most most excellent wait. So if my target for today is to have let’s say eight, eight sessions where my clients, I will write it down as an eight best sessions I could ever do. If my targets based on something else. For example, my other projects, I will say this Bot is a priority right now and I focus on it more than anything.

(15:01) My goal setting is pretty simple so I keep it short, keep it very clear, quick, keep it quiet and direct as well. So I can always keep my mind on it. So even whenever I look at my phone, I know it’s there and I know which one is the most important. So setting them up as one thing and prioritizing them as a second thing. So I said the goals up and then I’ll pick the ones which are non questionably most important and the ones I have to execute and at first place. And then afterwards I’m going further down my list. So first thing’s first, focus on your main goal and make sure your main thing is a main thing.

(15:40) Awesome. I mean, do do you think like setting the goals really just helps you with the perspective and raising the bar? Do you think by putting stuff down on paper and creating those, those mind maps and roadmaps that helps you raise the bar in your business, do you think it has that type of effect as well? 100%. I can totally agree that setting up goals set you in the right track to your main target and it helps you up to keep and maintain the focus. And it definitely improves the successful success rates, of your achievements. So I would say without goals, you just, you just drifting and blind rarely. You don’t know where you go in. And remember if you don’t know where you’d go in, every road is going to take you that. So if you don’t have a clear goal where you wanted to, Eh, be heading, you’ll be, you’ll be not really achieving that many of them goes to be honest with you.

(16:38) Okay.

(16:39) So, uh, on this topic, um, it’s probably quite fitting to ask you this, like, what excites you most about your future business?

(16:50) Um, so I will say I’m extremely excited about the way my whole personalized training and develops and grows and is very, very natural for me to be involved in so many actions as well. So my future holds a more exciting projects. So I’m looking forward to expand my business online and that’s why I’ve been working so, um, so intensively on the a one on one sessions as well just to get as good coach and we’re with the clients in the gym and then transfer the same type of energy and knowledge and experience and passion into your online coaching. So that’s one of the projects, uh, eh, that future holds. And on top of it I’ve got the supplements company that’s just basically arrived in UK and you can find it online, uh, on the titanic a.com. That’s TYT a n o s.com. So that’s like a new upgrades on protein shakes.

(17:49) We, we drink obviously for many, many reasons just to recover post workouts or just to give us additional, like a calorie boast style. Just basically if you needs the quality products in your life as a meal replacement in general, I would recommend to replace your meals with protein shakes on Libor. If that’s the case, if your lifestyle is extremely busy and you don’t have a time to jump into the um, restaurants and get a meal, I will say that might be a good solution for you. Um, my future holds just a bright, bright, [inaudible] projects that excite me every day. To be honest. We are like some, I’m getting up in the morning thinking what else could I do, how, how much more I can improve my success rate with all the current activities. So I’m a, I’m really, really grateful for my clients and then, and then my position in the gym and I’m really grateful to have such a fantastic people around me that support me all the time with everything I do.

(18:48) I, and I just want to say guys, and that’s all awesome stuff. Like I know you’ve got a lot going on and I just want to say like that protein that you created, I’ve tried it myself on and it tastes incredible. And I, I was getting that bloating, uh, the bloaty feeling, but then when I took that, it was just super smooth, no fats and always the flavor. It was like, um, like a coffee or like an

(19:14) a little twist. We let, we tried to make a little twist on the flavoring. You’ll see. So most of the people used to it to the chocolate and strawberry flavors, which I’m not a big fan of. So imagine me as a personal trainer and bodybuilding. I’ve been training for so long and I’ve been looking for that product. I decided to do it myself. I decided to bring something fresh to the market. That’s that people not going to be fed up with flavor wise. So the flavoring we’ve got at the moment is the Arabic coffee. Uh, with us. The why Carmel and Arabic coffee with the Carmel is very, very unique flavor. It’s something you haven’t tried before and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be, um, very, very impressed about the, the quality of the product is produced in Belgium from all the highest quality ingredients. It’s clean, clean, clean way, um, the labels. So it’s all you’re looking for like your protein shake. Basically you all you’re looking in your protein shake, you can find insight analysts.

(20:13) Awesome. And then like, um, like what sort of led you down this path cause you, I know you a super, super busy, busy personal trainer. You’re what average in about 40 to 55 hours a week. Right? And so you’re super busy but then you, you wake up, you launch this pro team runs, you want to build an online business. Like how would you fit it all in? Like how do you manage your time to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. I know you’ve got a girlfriend as well, which you’re trying to manage, which is super important. So like how do you literally manage all this, all these and projects that

(20:48) are going on in your life. And Alex, as soon as it gets, as you starting doing it and you’re getting used to it, I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll rather have 2018 hours of work when I’m occupied with the tasks I really liked to do and really enjoy to do. Have a 20 hours when I’ve got nothing to do. So I’m really big fan of utilizing my time and the most productive way. Well that will never forgive myself if I will have an opportunity to make a difference and help people and help bigger amount of people and then be that guy who never did it because it was sitting on his sofa and then he was watching the TV show. So, um, I, I don’t like criticize that there are people who are happy that way. It’s just simply not for me. How do I organize myself?

(21:32) Very simple way. I’ve got to schedule where I put every single hour. With specific notes right next to it. Then one hour is usually one training session with my clients as well. It’s more or less one hour. Most of the time, apart from this side of town is always going to occupied my mind cause that was my baby from baby from the day one. It took us two and a half years in development in order to, to get everything just right and, and, and it looks the way we wanted to, to look and it tastes the way we want it to taste. Um, how do I organize myself? I just keep myself under control when it comes to my talent management. So I can, I work around the clock and if you prepared, you don’t really fail to, to get everything done at the same time. I mean, it, it sounds like you’ve got, um, a solid plan, a bulletproof mindset. You’re super busy, you’ve got loads of things going on. But I mean, is there anything that

(22:33) you fear in your life? Oh yeah, of course. Of course I do. Because everybody, yeah, of course I am. I’m, I’m a human Alex. I know. Usually it sounds like everybody eats. It took years of preparation and took a long time to get into that mindset and it’s all a matter of practice. So I would say if you starting up right now, yes. Say to yourself, how hard do you want it and how much you want to get out of it and be specific. Then start planning for that success. Okay. And then of course I’ve made mistakes. Of course I’m not perfect. And you say to me, it’s all good. Nice. You perfected over the day. So you passionate with this. Yes I am. But that was a practice. That was a journey. I wouldn’t say that happened overnight. It takes the time to get used to it to

(23:22) That phase And you kind of just walk into like say 10, say 10 PT sessions and be great on every single one of them. You have to prepare yourself to, that mind set to be great on every single one of them. It takes some time, um, to get your system to use to it as well. And do I feel, I feel many things, but, um, I don’t like to talk about fear. The fear is usually something that makes your worries real. You know, I will say I’m excited for many things, but do I fear many things as everybody? I do, but I don’t talk about them. I’m interested to know why you don’t talk about, because you’re doing it. I keep my fear. It’s a strategy though, right?

(24:11) Why you don’t talk about them? Is it because you think they’re going to manifest themselves? Joking? No, I’m only joking. It’s not like that. It’s not like this. I’m only only plague where I’m afraid of many things. It’s mainly Eh, you always worried about is your business going to go this way or that way. I wouldn’t call it, I would say is more about little worries. You’ve got everybody gets here. It’s like the little worries. Big Worries. Yes, this am, I might not going get like injured through training I’m doing am I know they’re gonna like have an illness going on. Everybody’s worried about the same things pretty much is just how you’re getting on with every day. To be honest with you. You just have to say, I am the guy to, you know, take it on your shoulders and take full responsibility for your actions and that’s it.

(24:55) Awesome. As I run, we touched on like audio books and listening to materials and resources and I know you’re a big reader. I know you listened to a lot of audio books and so like is there any sort of key box or tools that, that you turn to or that you’ve really enjoyed that you think other people should, should go checkout or should listen to or even certain people that you follow and there’ve been inspiring in your journey? If I can give any advice in regards to building your business, there is definitely one gentleman he was, was having the biggest impact on my sales in general. There’s gentleman’s called grand car though, and I’m sure the salespeople know who I’m talking about. If you never heard anything about what this gentleman is talking and please make sure you do the books. I can recommend this probably if you’re not first you’re last or a sell or be sold.

(25:55) This is that. This is the bread and butter for every salesperson. Um, apart from grant Cardone, I would definitely recommend the Tony Robbins, um, to awaken the giant within. And I will recommend many, many books of the old school sales mentos like, uh, Earl Nightingale or Brian Tracy or maybe even not Napoleon Hill. That’s a, that’s like very old school. But everybody should read so much wisdom, think and grow rich. He has, it’s so much wisdom out there. And imagine if you only pick one little thing out of every single while the module books that can improve your life is worth every single penny. So that’s it. Yeah. Couple more on Matt as well. Cause I’m, I’m a big reader of Grand Cardona

(26:44) ops. He love his material and all his books are very easy to digest that. And there’s a, they’re very like, um, they’re laid out in simple terms. They’re not overly complicated, very easy to digest. I love the 10 x rule where it’s just about talking about just putting your business basically on foreign steroids, just growing it. And um, the, the, the closes survival guide, which is awesome, right? It’s just full of different ways to get people over the line and get people to, to, to buy your products and all this stuff is really good to go check that out while but any, is there any other resources that you use? I think we were talking about meditation the other day, which is quite interesting isn’t it? And how it can have a big impact on your life.

(27:27) I would say meditation at some point was like, um, a eye opener for myself. As I mentioned when I first started I was really, really into getting as many lack of training sessions done as possible. And then I was working overnights at the same time. So I ended up like in a such a condition when I was wired old at the time when I was falling asleep almost half way through a day. And then um, and I’m talking in the cold situations where I shouldn’t fall asleep. Then I found one guy in the gym and that was doing meditation at the time. And thank you very much to him to open my eyes towards it to then, and then I started practicing much cause myself. So the meditation is always going to be playing a crucial role in my life. It’s, it just helps you structure your, your objectives and helps you clear your minds and relief. That’s a additional tension you counting with the old at time. So meditation, I can definitely recommend the headspace. That’s a great application to start with. And then there’s low to have loads of like a difference sources of information regards to meditation out of the boat. If you haven’t tried it, that’s a must have for you.

(28:38) Yeah, I started with the headspace, um, and I didn’t like the guy’s voice so I switched over to a different APP. That’s just personal preference. Yeah, that’s, yeah. So I’ve got a new one now. It’s called calm and it’s like a 10 minute session each day. It’s called daily, daily calm or whatever. Um, where it’s got, it’s good. It’s really good. And I’ve noticed since I’ve been meditating, everything’s been much clearer. Like is it’s way easier to access information and just see things and come up with solutions a lot quicker. I find I’ve, I’ve, I’ve noticed and no notable difference off the back of maybe two, three weeks. And another big thing that it’s helped is my sleep. Like I was struggling with, with like not getting to sleep or waking up with thoughts and a lot of things going through my head. As you probably know, running a business and multiple things.

(29:36) You’ve got loads of ideas going on at any one time. Right? And so it was kind of keeping me awake. What I do now is I do the meditation just before I go to sleep. And so I’m basically just trying to clear my thoughts. Oh my head create, some silence. And then I’ve been sleeping a lot that are anyway. So anyone that’s maybe struggling with all these different thoughts going on or you’ve got loads going on in your life, like meditation is great and it just keeps you on a in a bad place. Right. It keeps you sharper, makes you more focused on, I think it even makes you live longer than it. Say somebody like that. It does a lot of good.

(30:11) I’m pretty sure it does. At least you’re not stressing it. At least you know the worried about everything and the whole code courses all in your system drops. So I would say meditation makes you a happier person. That’s a good statement I think to make in regards.

(30:27) Yeah, definitely. And then have you got any sort of final words as we wrap up the podcast for the listeners and it’s in like additional or that you’d like to share with people?

(30:38) Yeah, I would love to say for everyone to be persistent with your goals and be very, very positive. Even the times are hard. Some times don’t give up and carry on because the success can be just around the corner and all you have to do is believe in yourself and you’ll realize the mall, um, positive you are in regards to starting to be approached by different people and you’ve got more opportunities to actually succeed. I will say, um, behave, be, make sure you’re doing something entirely immersed and in love and to make sure you like genuine and you enjoy the, the rights. That’s pretty much what I would like to say.

(31:19) Okay.

(31:19) Thank you so much. See, I really appreciate you doing this podcast. It means so much to me. I’m super grateful. We’re gonna put some links in the description about why people can find you, but if you just want to let you know, if they want, it’s a find you on Instagram or find your website, where can they find you?

(31:36) Okay.

(31:36) If you would like to find me on Instagram is Zee_b10 If you’re looking for my product, that’s [inaudible] dot com so t y t a n o s a.com. Um, that’s pretty much it. So yeah, if you can’t find me in the Gym Dean’s gates, Manchester, if you would like to a one on one first rotation on and you just wonder how to say hello.

(32:00) Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Uh, uh, it’s been a pleasure having you and I’ll see you soon.

(32:07) Thanks for tuning into the show. I hope you enjoyed it guys, if you did head over to your favorite app and leave as a short view, I’d really appreciate that. And if you want it to learn more about our products and services, head over to coaching ignited.com and if you want an awesome website bill for your coaching business, head over to our partner company, Sevectamedia.com that’s all for me. See you soon.