Does planning your day make a difference?

personal training client

It’s easy to overlook putting a basic plan in place

If it’s basic, why set a plan right?

It should be easy to follow!!

Unfortunately, that’s not always true.

As Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said,

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

I’ve seen a massive difference in the personal trainers who plan the day and those who don’t

It doesn’t have to be detailed or complicated but it will achieve two important things:

You will make yourself accountable

You will start to value your time more

Making yourself accountable will ensure you do what is necessary to achieve your goals

Valuing your time will make sure you are working on the right things every day to actually achieving your goals

All successful coaches plan, just like they create exercise and nutrition plans for their clients

Give it a try

Or at the very least be mindful of where you are spending your time!