Do you fall into the busy trap?

personal training client

It’s easy to fall into the busy trap

But being busy doesn’t always guarantee the best results

How would you feel if you could work less and get the same or even better results?

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a POSITIVE feeling

Unless you don’t value your time (I’m sure that’s not you)

So if you want to avoid falling into the busy trap

You need to be looking at the Return On Investment (ROI) of each task or activity that you are doing

How are you spending your time?

What are you getting back for your time?

What is the most profitable use of your time?

In order to see the true ROI on your time

It’s essential that you ask yourself these questions

As a small business/coach, ‘Time’ is your biggest resource

Without spending on advertising

You are exchanging time on tasks like getting new clients

So by figuring out what’s the most effective use of your time to get new clients

You can focus your attention in the right places

And you will be able to get better results in less time

I always ask my clients to do this basic exercise

As the simple strategies, always have the biggest impact

Have a good day