CoachingIgnited Ep 98| Tibor Nagy

Personal Trainer

Ever feel like you stuck doing the same old sh** week in week out 


And you’re tired of just going to work and living in a hamster wheel?


Doing things that don’t remotely interest you, just so you can collect a paycheck.


Have you thought about taking a risk and just following your passion?


Finally doing something that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment. 


If so, you’re going to enjoy the latest episode of the podcast that I record with Tibor Nagy.


Tibor is a mindset coach,  fascinated by the human mind and its limitless potential. 


Driven by a vision to make the world a better place he helps people go through mental transformations and a reprogramming of the mind. 


We talk about: 


> Cultivating a successful mindset

> Escaping the corporate world to find freedom

> Starting a podcast

> What are the benefits of podcasting

> Should you start a podcast to grow your brand