CoachingIgnited Ep 77 | Lucas Rubix

Business Coach

Self Sabotaging Your Success. You’re Not Alone – Lucas Rubix


Lucas Rubix is the intense looking bearded dude (don’t worry… he’s actually harmless) behind the Coaches Corner

A corner of the internet completely committed to helping passionate people like you turn your gifts, knowledge, experience, and STORY into an online coaching business (that actually makes money) as long as you’re not afraid of some work.

Having built multiple coaching businesses (both offline and online) in a wide variety of niches, his primary focus these days (when he’s not interviewing top coaches, influencers, and celebrities on the Coaches Corner podcast)

Is helping coaches create a business that predictably generates leads, attracts new clients and, most importantly, creates true freedom.

Visit and get full Free access into the Online Coach Academy, listen to a few episodes of the Coaches corner podcast while you’re at it and feel free to connect with him on Instagram @LucasRubix

And if you’re a passionate coach who’s looking for a helping hand in building, launching and growing your coaching business (and attracting all the perfect clients you’ve ever imagined) learn more about the Coaches University HERE and see how Lucas can help you build the coaching business of your dreams!


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