CoachingIgnited Ep 70 | Jonathan Lautermilch

Business Coach
With a new decade upon us, on the latest episode of the CI podcast Jonathan and I discuss what it means to be intentional about 2020.
You’re probably already thinking about what goals you are going to set and accomplishments you want to achieve.
It’s one of the best things about starting a new year. A clean slate. Fresh start. Another opportunity to become a better version of yourself.
What’s going to make this year different?
Do you have it all mapped out?
Are you being intentional about what you are going to do?
Jonathan comes from humble beginnings working the gym floor in Gold’s gym and prospecting from the Yellow Pages.
Now he heads up The Fit Pro Hustle Movement, helping Fit Pros consistently generate new leads, and convert those leads into loyal paying clients.
Among unpacking the mindset, morning routines and self belief – Jonathan reveals why less is more and why some of your favourite Guru’s may be feeding you the wrong advice.