CoachingIgnited Ep 57 | Justin Devonshire

Personal Trainer
Scaling A Fitness Business From 6 To 7 Figures
On this episode we explore the inner workings of how Justin Devonshire, founder & CEO of Fitness Business Blueprint, helps fitness professionals to scale from 6- to 7-figures, so they can enjoy financial security & lifestyle freedom.
Justin does this by teaching fitpros how to transition from a ‘solopreneur’ trading time-for-money, into the owner of a real business that works for them.
We unpack the word ‘scale’ and what it actually means to ‘scale’ your business the right way, limiting your financial exposure and creating sustainable business growth.
Among helping fit pros, Justin runs multiple profitable facilities & bootcamps while living on the island of Cyprus. He’s an international speaker, business mentor & investor in other fitness companies.
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