CoachingIgnited Ep 40 | Hannah Chan

Personal Trainer
High Ticket Coaching And How To Sell It
Want to learn how Hannah and her clients are selling £1,000+ coaching programmes every single week?
Hannah reveals how she went from selling low ticket hourly rate coaching to now selling high ticket coaching packages at scale.
We go step by step through her sales process and how she does it.
I don’t believe she has ever shared this process outside of her client community before now.
This is not just for high ticket sales either.
If you are on the gym floor selling £30/hour in person coaching
You’re going to learn how to smooth up that sales process without being salesy or pushy.
So be sure to tune into this episode if you want to learn:
-How to sell outcomes not time
-Where top performing coches invest their money
-What’s stopping you from charging more
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