CoachingIgnited Ep 39 | Stephen Alsh

Personal Trainer
Is fear crippling YOUR business? -Fear of investing -Fear of failing -Fear of change -Fear of rejection -Fear of loss We are all effected by these fears to some degree (including myself) They hold us back, stunt our growth and harbour regrets. Tackling FEAR is a huge part of our work with personal trainers. It’s where we have the big breakthroughs and the real magic happens in their business. With it playing such a big role in what we do, I was eager to speak to Stephen Aish He successfully helps people destroy the illusion of their ego and find inner peace. Steve is regarded by many as one of the leading kettlebell coaches in Great Britain He holds an impressive 4 British Weightlifting Championship titles, British records and a World Record in all-round weightlifting under the IAWA He achieved his 1st Dan black belt aged 14 and went on to successfully teach his own classes for nearly 15 years as a 3rd Dan instructor. On this episode of the podcast we do a LIVE fear busting exercise that will help you…👇🏼 -Approach more people -Excel your growth -Become more confident -Achieve more in life and business