CoachingIgnited Ep 36 | Tanner Chidester

Scaling A Fitness Business To Seven Figures In 12 Months

Despite building a fitness business that’s on course to do $6 million in sales this year, Tanner was burning out and struggling as a personal trainer.

Through perseverance and desire to find a better way, Tanner was able to scale his business, breaking seven figures in just 12 month and joining the 2 comma club awarded by ClickFunnels.

I can honestly say he’s one incredibly humble dude and someone I respect highly.

He’s nothing short of a beast when is comes to building a thriving fitness business and we are going to take you through it step by step. All the tips, ticks and hack that you can use too.

Tanner now shows other trainers how they can scale their businesses online using organic methods, social media marketing and messenger automation