Hi. I’m Alex, and I know what it’s like setting up a business for the first time, let me tell you how Coaching Ignited all began…

After leaving University I landed my dream job working for a renowned property investment company selling off plan apartments to high net worth individuals in the Middle East, China and around the UK.

After enrolling in the company I was straight on the phone eager to get started, book appointments and makes sales. I didn’t really know what I was doing or how to sell, but I was full of enthusiasm.

Slightly discouraged by my early performance, but determined to excel I started listening to the top sales consultants.

I would write notes on how they would speak, what phrases they used, what questions they asked and how they built trusted relationships with their clients who would become repeat buyers and refer all their friends.

It was a good few years, tough at times, but invaluable as my first experience to sales and business. But I was ready for another challenge.

I teamed up with my class mate from University and we started a series of businesses in e-commerce and social media marketing. Both turning out to be extremely challenging, but profitable.

From there we developed the concept for Coaching Ignited. My trainer at the time who was a team leader at Lifestyle Fitness was telling me about the huge turnover of personal trainers at our gym.

“One in one out.” he used to say.

Eager to see what was going on, I started speaking to more trainers and what I found was alarming. Trainer after trainer either struggling to get clients or grossly unsatisfied. We looked at the mainstream training and saw little if any practical advice on how to set up a business, sell or market effectively.

We then spent the next few months developing what is now the 30 Day Client Accelerator Programme. Specifically for personal trainers in commercial gyms who want to learn the most effective systems and strategies to generate leads, clients, whilst increasing prices and building a profitable fitness business. 

Alex Povey