How to Get More Personal Training Clients

“How to get personal training clients” (unsurprisingly) is one of the most searched terms by PT’s on Google today. Maybe that’s what led you to this post. Equally, I get messages everyday on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn from aspiring personal trainers asking me the same question. So how do you go about getting more clients? […]

CoachingIgnited Ep 87 | Rich Wellington 

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Broke Personal Trainer To Building Two Million Dollar Businesses In Just Four Years    Live interview – 1 of 24 podcasts in 24 hours.   Ross Johnson is a 27-year-old serial entrepreneur dedicated to teaching coaches and consultants how to grow their online businesses.   His trajectory was anything but typical. He went from being […]

CoachingIgnited Ep 85 | Rich Wellington 

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Mindset Of A Successful Personal Trainer – Rich Wellington    What does ‘success’ actually mean?   In reality, it’s objective. So only you can know the answer.   But today, Rich and I attempt to unpack what the mindset of a successful trainer would look like.   One that holds the traits of someone who […]

CoachingIgnited Ep 83 | Dave Miller

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How To Go From Zero To 30 Offline Personal Training Clients     Grab your pen and paper for this episode on how to build a fully booked offline PT business with David Miller.   We cover effective marketing, referral systems, retention strategy & productivity protocols so you don’t end up burning yourself out.   FOLLOW […]

CoachingIgnited Ep 81 | Jason Priest 

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How To Grow From Adversity – Jason Priest    Jason is a husband, father and business owner and I’m on the other side of 40!    He’s in the best shape of my life but it hasn’t always been this way. Like many people who are now personal trainers and fitness business owners, he struggled […]

CoachingIgnited Ep 77 | Lucas Rubix

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Self Sabotaging Your Success. You’re Not Alone – Lucas Rubix   Lucas Rubix is the intense looking bearded dude (don’t worry… he’s actually harmless) behind the Coaches Corner A corner of the internet completely committed to helping passionate people like you turn your gifts, knowledge, experience, and STORY into an online coaching business (that actually […]

CoachingIgnited Ep 75 | Joey Percia

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✍️✍️ Want to create CONTENT that kills & craft copy that converts??   Joey Percia is the author of the acclaimed book “Why Do You Hate Money? 📕   >> A Fitness Marketing Guide to Create Content That Kills, Craft Copy That Converts, and Master the Science of Selling Without Selling Out   Joey is […]