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Most personal trainers rely on what we call “Hope Marketing”. They don’t have a predictable client attraction strategy and so instead they rely on chance, luck and hope.

No personal trainer should have to struggle to pay their bills or not have a predictable level of income when they have the capacity to really impact people’s lives! Health, nutrition and coaching is a truly life changing service and we believe that fitness professionals should be compensated fairly for the amazing work that they do.


When trainers come to us, they are often lacking direction, missing opportunities, and don't know how to predictably bring in new clients.

James Mankee Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Chris Popplewell Sheffield , United Kingdom
Matt Clayson Manchester, United Kingdom

Transformed into confident business owners that are in control and feel fulfilled in their work. They are able to enjoy more income than they have ever had before. Freedom to make choices, eat out, go on holiday and support their families. They are able to leave their part time jobs and contracted hours to become fully self employed personal trainers doing what they enjoy most.