You’re Just A Few Strategies Away From Generating More

Personal Training Clients Than Ever Before

Any personal trainer can do it with a very specific set of steps.

Let us show you how to generate fresh leads, convert them into

paying customers and optimise your whole fitness business. 

We have a passion for helping people succeed in the fitness industry…we are doing what we love!!

It’s been incredible to witness our students become REAL business owners. Proud coaches who have thriving businesses. Businesses that have earned them respect from other trainers, co-workers and gym members. 

Confidence and control of their profits, opportunities and the freedom to reinvest in further eduction to out-pace their competition. 

If you’re ready to take your whole future up a notch, let’s make it happen today! 

Matty Brown | Personal Trainer

”Alex helped me grow my business from 0 – 6 new paying clients in 30 days and more importantly installed confidence in me to grow my business further. His systems and methods work, 100%!”


Khush Shah | Personal Trainer

”Alex helped me understand how to approach my business and its revolutionised the way I think. I have now tripled my client base and I have the confidence to carry on growing it, I can’t thank Alex enough”  

Chris Ainslie | Personal Trainer

”I had tried coaching, reading books & articles but nothing seemed to work until I met Alex at Coaching Ignited, his coaching is without doubt the best investment I have made in my business to date!”

Mark Royston | Personal Trainer

”When I joined Coaching Ignited I already had a thriving personal Training Business in a well known commercial gym but I need that guidance to grow in key areas, I have now been able to move to a private gym and take my business online” 


Clifford Hall | Personal Trainer 

”After signing up to work with Alex, I was able to quickly replace 5 clients in just 10 days and continue scaling my personal training client base with the systems and strategies that Alex gave him.” 


Josh Beer | Personal Trainer

”I was low in confidence and didn’t know how to grow my personal training client base. Working with Alex changed my business and life, I now have a real business with 18+ clients”

David O’Driscoll | Personal Trainer

”After completing the training program I made my money back in just over a week from signing up. I am now up to 6 clients and I am on track to sign several more next week.”

Kieran Boylan | Personal Trainer

”I came to Alex as I wanted to scale my business to 6 Figures and I didn’t know how to do it alone. I have quickly scaled my monthly revenue and I now I am working with Alex long term to hit bigger goals ”

Ben Wearmouth | Personal Trainer

”So many trainers go through the same initial pain of trying to gain new personal training clients and end up leaving the industry. This is where Alex and his Coaching creates solutions and helps people succeed.”


Szilard Jakab | Personal Trainer

”Within seven days of applying the material, I signed up three new clients, which I was very pleased with considering before it was taking me a month to get a client.” 

Katy Clarke | Personal Trainer 

”After suffering a huge drop in clients, I took a big pay cut and knock to my confidence.  After just one week, I was able to quickly fill my diary and completely change my outlook and mindset.” 

Ben Willis | Personal Trainer

‘After noticing I was missing any practical ways to sell and market myself, I started working with Alex. Together we worked on successfully building my personal training client base, confidence, and pipeline of prospects.”

Matt Clayson | Personal Trainer

”I will admit that I’m not the most outgoing person, but now I feel much more confident after learning exactly how to market and sell effectively.”               


Greg Davies | Personal Trainer

”Since working with Alex I have had my biggest day of coaching to date. The sales process was worth the money alone but just having someone there to make me accountable really made the difference.”


Ben Fett | Personal Trainer

”I loved the Coaching and became very good friends with Alex. He helped me scale my personal training client base and gain 10 new clients in just 20 days (1 every other day).”


Dan Bell | Personal  Trainer 

‘I started with Alex as I had no systems or structure, I now have 27 sessions a week and have committed to working with Alex for another 6 months” 


James Mankee | Personal Trainer

”I added 8 additional clients and up-sold two existing ones into 2 x week sessions, adding £1,200 to my monthly revenue. I am now committed to switching from contracted hours to full rent months earlier than planned”.       


Chris Popplewell | Personal Trainer

”I wasn’t happy with the level of clients that I was seeing on a week by week basis. I felt less than satisfied about my business and had no certainty about where the next client was going to come from……until I joined the Coaching Ignited Programme”.


James Fish | Personal Trainer

‘When James came to us it seemed like he was relying on luck and chance to build his business. Although he was be proactive, finding clients was unpredictable and it was becoming frustrating”.


Adam Sherwood | Personal Trainer

“Alex taught me step by step how to get personal training clients quickly. His process has added 14 paying clients to my personal training business! He kept me focused on generating leads and converting those leads to paying customers.”


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